Meratol capsules, Nopal and green Alfalfa

Meratol with Nopaline is an effective dietary supplement that you can use both to lose weight and to become a healthier person with a balanced body. These herbal capsules with Nopal Cactus powder extract can be used by both men and women. It helps increase the number of calories that can be burned in one day so you will notice immediate results from their administration even if you do not exercise in parallel or have a balanced diet.

You may be sceptical of such a fat burner because of the various views that concern the administration of slimming pills that you read on the forums. But believe me, the best results you get using these herbal pills are backed by hundreds of people who have already benefited from them.

Meratol can be ordered online, which brings you extra comfort. You don’t have to travel to the pharmacy or to the herbal store to buy it. Besides, the price of the product is an extremely convenient one.

To find out more details about this supplement and to form your own opinion, read on!

What is Meratol

This is a dietary supplement that helps you lose weight and improve your overall health as well. It is ideal to take the capsules in parallel with some form of exercise, to see results as quickly as possible and for your body to become balanced again.

How it works

First of all, it is important to know how the capsules work. The main reason you will get results with the help of this food supplement is that it has been produced from a mixture of natural ingredients which have been very carefully selected, designed to help you reach your goal.

The dietary supplement has been tested before being released on the market, to analyze how it works.



Nopal helps reduce the fat storage rate and considerably increases the burn rate of the calories you consume, which results in a toned body. It is known as nopaline or Cactinea Powder extract.

Fruit Extract

The fruit extract is designed to suppress appetite, the desire to eat all kinds of food, at all hours of the day and night which will make you certainly feel an improvement and also a drop some kilos you have extra.

Green Alfalfa

Medicago Sativa L Extract (green Alfalfa extract) helps you burn calories up to 12 times faster than you normally do without the help of this dietary supplement;


Anhydrous caffeine used to make these pills helps increase energy and vitality leading to you having a much more active life in all respects.


Firstly, you will notice that after the first week, you will already start to lose weight, and this will certainly make you feel much better, both from a psychological standpoint and physically.

Your body will get used to a new lifestyle, more alert and at the same time healthier, all the more so if you combine the administration of capsules with exercise and healthy eating.

Studies conducted on this natural supplement have proven that those who have tried them have so far resolved their problems with water retention and that, at the same time, the product works especially well for overweight or obese people.

Besides, you will feel much better and livelier, thanks to the caffeine, which is one of the ingredients used for making these weight loss pills. Another benefit you will be able to see is that you will become much more agile and more attentive to detail, as the brain is also influenced positively by this dietary supplement.

Use and administration

A box of Meratol contains 60 capsules and the recommended daily dose is 2 capsules in the morning.

Side effects

Manufacturers claim that Meratol is a product made from 100% natural ingredients. So you don’t have to worry about side effects, because there aren’t any.


Although there are no side effects you may have if you try this dietary supplement it is advisable not to consume alcoholic beverages or banned substances. If you consume alcohol during the administration of pills you can experience headaches, nausea or even stomach ache. It is also recommended that you do not try this product if you have heart problems, if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding.

Where to buy


The ideal method by which you can buy these quick-effect slimming pills is to make an online order from the manufacturer’s website itself. So, you will surely know that the price you pay is the best and you will have the guarantee that the product comes directly from the source. Once the order has been placed, it will be delivered to you, discreetly, directly at home or anywhere else. Everything according to your chosen address in just a few days!


The price for a box is extremely convenient – about 45 dollars/box, on sale from 54.95 dollars.

During certain periods you can even benefit from other different offers and discounts. For example, if you buy more boxes, the price per box will be lower.

Stop postponing the moment you make a change in your life! Start fighting those extra kilos today! Stop indulging in a state that brings you nothing but frustration and embarrassment in front of others! Put yourself first and remember that you need to support your body and health so you can feel great.

You can go to the beach or wherever you want without embarrassing yourself with the way your body looks! In the long run, your life will improve considerably, and the people around you will envy you for your wonderful silhouette!

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